The safety of our workforce and jobsites are a #1 priority at BAM Contracting. BAM has established a rigorous Safety Program that is set in motion on every project, regardless of size.

Member, ROSSI (Residential On-Site Safety Initiative), The Home Builders Association of St. Louis & Eastern Missouri (HBA,) and The Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA), including the St. Louis Area Office and Kansas City Area Office, in conjunction with the Carpenters’ Union recognize the value of establishing a collaborative relationship to promote safe and healthful working conditions in the residential construction industry. The partnership hereby established shall be referred to as the Residential On-Site Safety Initiative (ROSSI).

Safe Work Environment

  • 100% Drug-Free Work Environment.  Every employee is drug tested upon employment.
  • Periodic drug testing is conducted on a random basis.
  • On-site job inspections determine compliance with established policies and OSHA standards.
  • Independent third party site inspections are conducted by National Safety Consultants.

Trained Workforce

  •  All personnel must complete a 10-hour OSHA Training Course.
  • Periodic in-house training programs communicate updates to the Safety Program and assess overall safety performance.

Empowered Workforce

  • Employee Perception Surveys assess attitudes regarding safety, providing an anonymous platform to submit ideas and expectations.
  • Incentives are tied to jobsite safety performance for all supervisory personnel.
  • Annual safety goals provide motivation for compliance and excellence.
  • Supervisory assessments monitor  performance.