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Metal Studs
Our team of BAM carpenters pride themselves in their quality craftsmanship, tools and material we use. Their expertise is in building all frame work for various construction projects in both commercial and residential. We believe in the skillset of our team and all the precautions we take to keep each and every job safe throughout the construction processes.


Many times, just like judging a book by it's cover, many building owners judge the quality of their new project by the quality of their interior finish. During a walkthrough, if owners see places where the drywall finish is rough, uneven, or showing nail pops, the defects can plant seeds of doubt in their minds. That doubt can turn a reasonable and happy client into an unsatisfied customer for the builder. Even though drywall is used extensively in almost every building project today, many trades still don't understand how to deliver a top quality finish. BAM Contracting has a team of experienced professionals whose skills ensure a smooth, even finish every time

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